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Driving in the night

Driving down the freeway in the middle of the night. Other than a few occasional cars, it’s entirely quiet on the road. I feel your fingers slide across my knee slowly moving upwards. You lean in to kiss my neck while I’m trying to concentrate on the road. It might not be busy but I have to keep the car on the road.

This puts me entirely at your mercy as your fingers glide across my leg to my crotch. I was already bulging up as you started kissing my neck. As your hands slide over the bulge I moan slightly. You continue to tease my hard cock pressing uncomfortably against the fabric of my pants.

Slowly you start to unbutton my pants and lower the zipper. Gently caressing your fingers across my shorts which art straining against my enlarged cock. You continue to tease it knowing it makes focusing on the road harder.

You pull down my shorts and pants a bit releasing my hard cock which immediately springs to attention. Carefully your fingers run along the long hard shaft sending a shiver down my body.

Quickly your fingers lock around my hard shaft and start stroking up and out, forcing a loud moan from me. Lowering your head you tease me by holding it close while stroking carefully flicking your tongue along the tip.

In one quick move your mouth envelops my erect member making me gasp loudly. I feel your tongue circling along the head of my penis. Your head moving faster and fast up and down my shaft, making it harder and harder to focus on the road.

My orgasm starts to build up as you continue to suck me faster and faster. I moan loudly holding the steering wheel as your fingers stroking my balls sends me over the edge. Filling your mouth with wave after wave of cum.

Carefully swallowing you take it all and lick my cock clean. Putting it away as we continue our drive in the night.

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  1. Rose says:

    Exactly like I remember it as well 😉

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