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Abstinence challenges

Every now and then my girlfriend will challenge me to not orgasm for an extended period of time. On average I orgasm once a day so it is indeed a challenge.

That said it’s not impossible for me to do. It can vary on how busy I am. More often than not my mind will almost constantly wander to anything arousing. On top of that I’ll further amuse myself with arousing activities without orgasming.

The only real drawback is that it can get in the way of normal activities. Which is why I don’t abstain too much. There’s also the part where it will make me orgasm a lot sooner, though in fairness I also recover a lot quicker after that. (because of all the bottled up hornyness)

Putting on a chastity device doesn’t help at all of course. That just focusses the attention there more.

However this does entertain me somewhat. See how far I can push it without orgasming.

My current record is two weeks of not orgasming. For safety reasons I came in the shower, which was a smart plan.


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