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TMI: Into the dungeons

You are headed out for a night of kinky exploration in the TMI dungeon… Which are you most likely to do:

1. At the Cock ‘n’ Ball torture (cbt) station, are you more likely to be a sadist doing the ball busting & twisting or are you more likely to have your balls beaten?

Definitely would be doing the kicking and busting.

2. The TMI dungeon has a “bedroom” with a window to the world where anyone in the dungeon can watch you having sex. Which will you be, the voyeur watching people have sex or the exhibitionist in the bed getting it on hot ‘n’ heavy?

Both of course!

3. You need a stereotypical outfit to wear to the dungeon. Which will you wear?
Top: Spiked collar or leather chest harness?
Bottom: Ass-less chaps or leather thong

First of all, there is no stereotypical outfit to go to a dungeon with. Second of all; no, no, no and no. I don’t even own stuff like that. I would wear either my uniform or my corset with a sexy outfit.

4. Time for some impact play. Which would you prefer? Why?
Pick one from each set.

Set 1: flogger or whip?

At the moment flogger because I won’t poke an eye out if I use it. If I had the skills, definitely the whip.
Set 2: paddle or bare-handed spanking?

I recently did a nice bit of spanking with a paddle and even though bare-handed is also fun, I would go with the paddle. Love the whack sound!
Set 3: cane or crop?

Haven’t tried a cane yet so I would have to say crop. I am pretty sure I would love canes though. Because they are awesome….

5. Bondage. You have the choice of being restrained and mercilessly ‘used’ by a fucking machine while others watch or being strapped to St. Andrews cross and touched, groped, tickled, and made to tingle by strangers visiting the dungeon on this evening. What’s your pleasure? Why?

Just these two options? I would much rather do the fucking and do the groping! Either way the St. Andrews cross sounds more fun!


Bonus: At work, whom do you most resemble?
a. Dominant/Mistress/Top
b. Submissive/bottom
c. A switch
d. naughty boy/girl aka brat

A. I am strict but fair. But I do like to joke around and goof off just like anybody else.

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TMI: Random Sh*t

1. If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?

Mmm tricky one, I love a lot of different movies. But always the one that springs to mind would be Moulin Rouge at the moment. Who doesn’t want to walk around in those amazing costumes?

2. Who is starring in the movie of your life?

Me of course! Or maybe Milla Jovovich…. she’s awesome!

3. What is your favorite curse word?

Fuck but my favorite in Norwegian is ‘fitte trine’ (if I wrote it correctly) meaning pussy face.

4. What word or phrase do you say most often during sex?

That would probably be….. harder.

5. What word or phrase are you tired of hearing during sex?

‘I’m coming’ geez really? Like I can’t see that 😉

6. What word or phrase do you like to hear during sex?

Anything sexy/dirty/hot will do, I love dirty talk.

Bonus:  Which sex profession would you attempt? You must pick one. Tell us why you made that choice.

Depending on how you would define sex profession, I would go with Pro-Domme. It would be so much fun!

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TMI: Taboos, tickles and fantasies

From :
1. What strange areas of your body are ticklish?

Half of my body is ticklish and if you try and tickle me on purpose, I’m not responsible for what might happen next… Really, I wouldn’t try it. My reflexes are quick, I will hurt you (unintentionally) . You’re warned 😉

From :
2. What is something you are interested in sexually, but only on a purely fantasy level? Something that you think about but could never fully act on.

Ooooh interesting and I have no idea, the fantasies I have are all things that at some point I do want to try. After all, if you haven’t tried it, how will you know if you love it or not?

From :
3. If you could have a week of the best sex ever in human history but you had to have a fish head as your head for the rest of your life, after that week, would you do it?

Interesting question but I’d say no, a fish head is just too inconvenient. Not to mention weird. This question really is one that my weird mind could have come up with.

From :
4. What do you consider taboo and have you ever ventured into this territory? Was it a great, good, bad or horrific experience?

Ummmm I’m Dutch, I really don’t have any taboos. I’m quite open minded if I may say so and as long as you don’t try and force anything on me, I’m cool with it. 

From :
5. What part of your body do you consider the most unusual that you enjoy being stimulated?

Ooooh tricky one but I’d go with my brain. The brain is usually a erogenous zone that often is forgotten about. And for me it’s quite important, if my brain doesn’t like you, nothing much happens.


From :
If you could make a porn film/video with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Ooooh in the porn world that would definitely be James Deen. In normal celebrity world…. *mind blown* yeah this will be a list… Nathan Fillion, John Barrowman, David Tennant (hmm starting to see a pattern here) Alan Rickman (oooooh that voice) and before I go totally overboard here, I’ll close the list with Summer Glau… and Jeri Ryan *mind still in overdrive trying to think of more awesomeness*

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TMI: A strange mix?

1. Tell us something kinky that you refused to do with a partner (ex or present) but secretly wish you had done.

*Thinking hard* Hmmm nope can’t think about anything, well how about that? I always go ‘oooh I wanted to do that and forgot’ afterwards. Yes my mind works in strange ways like that.

2. Pick your top three lovers and explain why you picked them!

Oooh this is a tricky one, can’t really compare one to the other!

My boyfriend – because he gives great snuggles and I love his cock, just perfect for me!

Oh now comes the fun part, I have to think of a nickname….

Shyguy – Very sweet and a bit shy and being the one to pop my anal cherry, he definitely deserves a spot in the top!

Tiger – Because of rawr. And because he is the one who got me the closest to an orgasm with oral.

3. Where on your body would you get your ex’s name inked on your body if you had to?

I wouldn’t! Seriously, putting a symbol or something representative for us, I might consider it. But I would never put a name on my body and not just because of practical reasons. Especially considering I’m totally ink free and I have been thinking about a tattoo for over 6 years but I just can’t seem to think of something I would permanently want on my body. I do know where I want a tattoo, if I want one. I want to be able to still hide it when I’m wearing a bikini (because after all it would be for me) and I want to be able to actually see it myself without a mirror. So yeah that would be somewhere along my bikini line. I might be too picky for ever actually making it to get a tattoo, but staying without a tattoo isn’t too bad I would say (even though I have been thinking about getting a rose tattoo).
Anyway, I don’t have an ex (yes I had to reread the question and saw the word ex just now) so there wouldn’t be anything to put anywhere 😛

4. Would you rather have sex on a Ferris Wheel or the bumper cars?

I like the idea of the bumper cars but I would go with the Ferris Wheel. Best way to stay warm when you’re freezing at the top 😉

5. Men: Have you ever tracked a friend’s or partner’s periods for the purpose of treating them different during that time? Women: How would you feel if a partner did this?

Ha, that would be quite impossible to track with me since I only have a period roughly once every three months. And it really depends at some point if I forget to take one and just decide to have my period than. That whole off week when you’re on the pill? Yeah it’s artificial because women wanted to see if it works so you can easily take a few strips after each other. Why live in agony every month when you can cut it down to 4 times a year? Yes I know men, too much information for you but it’s quite useful either way!


Would you rather eat a white crayon or go down on Betty White?

Hmmm I’ve tasted a lot of weird stuff but I’d go with Betty White instead of the crayon. Sounds way more fun than just eating a white crayon. Plus it would make an interesting story and blog post!


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TMI: Just asking…

1. What’s your dirtiest secret?
I’m an attention slut, yes really. Otherwise I have no idea what my dirty secret could be… maybe you guys and girls?

2. What’s the sweetest thing you have done for someone?
I’m always sweet but I do give gifts to people because it made me think of them.

3. What’s your favorite foreplay act to give? Receive?
I love to tease and be teased, in any way…

4. State five (5) facts about your body.

I have very, very, very long legs.

I’m a proud redhead

I’m bendy…

I have a three-pack

I get very, very, very wet

5. Would you like to fondle the person next to you?

Of course! I do love to fondle, especially ass… yes I’m an ass girl…

Bonus: Penis or vagina? Why?

Penis, cause nothing beats having it inside you… And a penis is sooo much easier then a vagina (at least with having one)

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TMI: Sexy fill in the blanks..

If my sex life were a film, it would be rated  _____ .

It would definitely would be R18 rated 😉

I got a body for ____ and a face for ____ .

I got a body for naughty things and a face for silly faces. Normal pictures don’t happen much with me 😉

It’s extremely sexy when a guy/girl ____ .

Knows how to turn me on with words. If you can’t turn on my brains, I’m hooked.

Doing _____ naked makes me _____ .

Doing anything naked makes me happy. I just love being naked!

In the morning, I am always _____ .

In the morning, I am always waking up horny. Not all the time, but usually I am 😉

I would love to _____ in the _____ .

I would love to have sex in the rain. Only on a hot summer day though, but would love the sensation!

Bonus: Roses are ____ , Violets are ____ .

Roses are naughty

Violets are blue

Will my ass be bruised

Because of you?

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