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Sinful Sunday: Stockings

Earlier this week I got my new stockings in the mail, and they have no idea how much naughtyness they will endure before thrown away.
The virgin stockings
If you want to see who else is playing, click on the picture below


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  1. Phoenix says:

    Lovely legs x

  2. Geeky Nymph says:

    Beautiful stockings- on lovely legs! xxo

  3. Rebel says:

    Beautiful… I hope we see some of the naughtiness those stockings will have to endure ;)Rebel xo

  4. Mistress Mia says:

    Great legs and a gorgeous pair of stockings………………..~Mia~ xx

  5. Hubman says:

    Nice legs!I trust that you'll tell us about the naughtyness that they will endure 🙂

  6. Master says:

    Love the stockings; I enjoy it when my slut wears stockings like that…

  7. Molly says:

    I am wondering if they might make it to London with you on Friday…. I do hope so.Mollyxxx

  8. Like the rest of you, your legs are a stunning sight, and they look beautiful in these stockings!

  9. KaziGrrl says:

    They look lovely :)Here's to naughtiness!!~Kazi xxx

  10. The view from here is utterly delightful Rose..

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