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Sex cinema (part 2)

As we are both standing naked (Me still in stockings and my boots with heels) he sat down at the couch and I sat on top of him. Next there was a lot of touching, stroking, kissing while hearing the porn in the background. Reaching down with my hand I felt him getting harder. We changed positions and I laid back on the sofa with my legs either side of his body, giving him full sight of my pussy.
He slowly stroked my pussy, having me shiver at his touch. After that he started pleasuring me with his mouth. I started moaning slightly while he pleasured me.
He wasn’t bad but somehow I wasn’t feeling it.

When he stopped I noticed that he needed hardening up so I decided to suck him. He sat down and I bend over and started licking first and then took his cock in my mouth.
Judging by his moans he really liked it and he was getting harder again. Tracing my tongue over his tip, teasing his cock. I stopped and sat next to him, touching his body, stroking it. He got ready to enter me as I laid on my back. I felt him at my entrance, teasing me a little before going inside me.
I felt him go inside me while moaning. He kissed me and then slowly picked up the pace. Feeling him going deep inside me I spread my legs even further to make him go deeper. Enjoying him and moaning I feel him stop and I see he’s fidgeting around with the condom. Apparently he was not used to wearing them and it cuts off the blood supply. When he got his condom right on again he needed hardening up again so he sat next to me and I started jerking him. He told me this only happened once before (with two woman) and that he just got too excited and his penis wouldn’t co-operate then.

This didn’t stop me and I swung my leg over him and sat on his lap. My wetness on him. Pressing myself against him. While kissing him I slid my self over his cock, but not letting him enter. Teasing him, making him harder. Sadly though he couldn’t get hard enough anymore, he was just two excited. He got half hard, put a condom on and entered me but trying to take me hard made the condom get loose. Yes, it actually got off and he had to get it out.
After that I just wasn’t feeling it anymore and we decided to call it a day after some making out. We got dressed again and after some more making out we went out of the room and left the venue.

Quick summary: First time in a sex cinema (certainly recommendable if you’re naughty enough) First time I had a guy that was too nervous/too excited and first time a condom got lost. (<insert pussy eating jokes here>)


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  1. Ah, now I understand why you said it would be difficult to write this up! Yikes.

  2. Sounds great! We wonder if there's anything of this type where we live. Doubtful – nothing but fundamentalist puritans here in the States, it seems.

  3. Maurelius1066 says:

    would you be able to tell me where this cinema is located ???

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