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Sinful Sunday: Dutch skies

If you have seen some of the great works of art that has been made in the Netherlands

You know that there are always cloudy skies to be found in paintings

That cannot be found anywhere else in the world (as I have been told)

So I thought I would give you a taste of those skies

In my own way of course….

If you want to see more Sinful Sunday just click the image below:

Sinful Sunday


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  1. You said there were Dutch skies in the pictures?

    Oooooh wait, NOW I see them *winks*

    Rebel xox

  2. Molly says:

    A true masterpiece…. and something about clouds 😉


  3. Jana says:

    LOVED it!

  4. JillianBoyd says:

    …. Oh, there was a sky?

  5. Oh, very well done, I like it!

  6. It took us a minute to notice the sky as well! 🙂 Very artistic shots! Great job taking advantage of the opportunity!

  7. Mia says:

    Fantastic shots!!!

  8. kazigrrl says:

    Lovely perspective! I think I prefer the B&W 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  9. Mina Lamieux says:

    like a dream come true 😉

  10. is it a bird? nooooooo, is it a plane? nooo, it’s SUPERRRRR NIPPLE!

  11. Blacksilk says:

    I prefer Dutch boobs. 😛

  12. These are outstanding shots. I love how you almost can’t tell it’s a breast in the first shot because of the shadow. 🙂

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