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Sinful Sunday: Schoolgirl

For this Sinful Sunday I wanted to share a schoolgirl outfit picture I took.

A naughty one that is….

If you want to see more Sinful Sunday just click the image below:

Sinful Sunday


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  1. Oh now there is nothing quite like a naughty schoolgirl!! Love that you have done this in B/W really works well here.

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. kazigrrl says:

    We’ll need to take the ruler to you, I think! 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. White panties for the win!! Yummy as always. 🙂

  4. I always knew you were naughty! *grins*
    Rebel xox

  5. Such a tease! This is an incredibly sexy shot, and while our eyes are drawn to your delicious breasts, the glimpse of your panties threatens to steal our attention.

  6. JillianBoyd says:

    You have been very bad, my dear Rose… 😉

  7. Were you in my class? 😉

  8. wonders6 says:

    Mmm, very naughty. Love it!

  9. Molly says:

    Oh yes…. the white panties and the open white shirt…. simply sexy!


  10. cliveserves says:

    That is such a deliciously naughty image – back to school for you young lady

  11. Jana says:

    Such a naughty girl! Love the B&W for this photo, it ads such a classy look to it. wonderful tease.

    xoxo Jana

  12. I love the focus and the foreshortening in this shot, and it really suits black and white (which I reckon is generally speaking overused).


    • Adam says:

      The shot is perfect and although it should focus on the hand as the nearest and largest object, I love how our eyes can only be drawn upwards to her lovely breasts.

  13. Mrs JoJo says:

    I hope you got a good caning 😉

  14. I love a naughty schoolgirl 🙂

  15. Blacksilk says:

    Fantastically sexy! Wish I could be classmates with you! And, by the by, I particularly love the underside of your breasts in that shot. Fucking sexy.

  16. ladypandorah says:

    I am with Blacksilk on this one (unsurprisingly). The hint of shadows under your breasts is gorgeous, as is the provocative pose.

    LP xx

  17. super girl thanks

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