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TMI Tuesday: Famous or forgotten?

This TMI is about the famous and forgotten, of course sex related 😉

1. Have you ever had sex with someone famous or who later became famous, if only locally?

I suppose yes on this one, totally had sex with someone in a band. Not sure if they got really famous though. But in my eyes, if you have a CD released and people actually buy it, you’re somewhat famous.

2. In the spirit of Six Degrees of Separation, have you had sex with someone who had sex with someone who had sex with someone who . . . someone famous?

How the hell are you supposed to know that? I’m sure everything is possible with the Six Degrees of Separation! 😉
With the normal degrees I would get to a Hollywood actor with just one guy in between. Unlikely that the one guy had sex with the other though, being family and all…

3. In the opposite direction, have you had sex with someone whose name you didn’t know?

*thinks* Does having sex with somebody who didn’t give you their real name count?

4. Someone whose name you knew then but have forgotten?

Sadly, no. I do remember everything! Oh wait I do not remember one! *pondering* Yup really don’t know his name anymore!

5. Someone who you suspect may have forgotten you?

No clue, but could it may have happened. Anything could happen!



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  1. I could not answer some of these questions on the grounds that it would seriously incriminate someone.

  2. Mrs. M says:

    Great answers! Loved your post. Happy Tuesday! 😉

  3. Ryan says:

    I think now-a-days wiki is the hurdle rate on famous! 🙂

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