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Sinful Sunday: Day and night

This Sinful Sunday I’m introducing somebody new and sexy to you.
With more and more men joining in with Sinful Sunday, I persuaded (who can say no to me?) him to strip down as well and show off his sexy body (but especially his ass though *grabs and pinches*)

During the day you might not notice him at first, hiding in the corner…

1365063053973 (2)

Don’t you just adore that cute ass?

But at night he comes out to play….

1365063202138 (2)


If you want to see more Sinful Sunday just click the image below:

Sinful Sunday


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  1. saint1ess says:

    Nicely done, your comments saying pinch and claw etc made me want to actually do it! 🙂

  2. Om nom nom – hello there!

    xx Dee

  3. Lucky lucky guy…. 🙂

  4. Silverdrop says:

    Makes a slut want to tear the towel away and …

  5. Hyacinth says:

    I agree with Silverdrop: I want to snatch that towel!

  6. And now of course I wonder who he is… 😉

    Rebel xox

  7. It’s always good to see some guys in Sinful Sunday! Definitely a nice butt.

  8. ThatPosition says:

    So tasty bum…. Why do you still need that towel?? Xxx

  9. KaziG says:

    Lose the towel!! LOL
    And yes, the butt is yummy 🙂

  10. What can I say. Gorgeous. Lovely bottom 🙂

    Maggi xxx

  11. Mia Lee says:

    Love the men joining in, and a delightful addition this is 🙂
    Mia x

  12. johndstories says:

    Great photos; someone else who is son of Yeti with the bodyhair (like me!)

    Now to persuade him to join in with Dirty Little Whisper’s Naked Wednesday. 🙂

  13. Molly says:

    Well done on coaxing this one out to play with us all. It is very much appreciated!


  14. Anisa says:

    Holy moly, this could totally be my husband. Nearly identical body, down to the tattoo placement. WOAH.

  15. ouizzi says:

    woot woo!!! Very sexy with a lovely warm feeling thanks to your affectionate comments.

  16. Oh lovely! How yummy! I bet you are QUITE persuasive 😉

  17. I think this chap should be very proud of his contribution & think about joining many more times..

    Also, is it pc to wolf whistle a bloke because of his arse? Oh sod it, I did it already.. ;o)

    Pea ~x~

  18. msbunnywhite says:

    Look at you bringing the lads out to play. How long did it take to convince him? 5 minutes 😉

  19. Penny says:

    I like the contrast in the lighting between the two images; they definitely have completely different feels.

  20. lovelustlondon says:

    Great captions! Am beginning to realise that saying ‘no’ to you just isn’t possible…

    O x

  21. Raaaaaawwwr.


  22. Harper Eliot says:

    It really is lovely to see more male flesh on Sinful Sunday. And what gorgeous flesh it is.

  23. ladypandorah says:

    Thank you, thank you! Such persuasive skills – dangerous, Rose! Wield your power carefully *giggles*

    LadyP x

  24. Yes cute bottom . . . and I’d like it day and night!

  25. Sexy male ass every day and night.

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