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Wicked Wednesday: Such a tease

Meeting him I knew he was all locked up for me and while we were in the car I let my hands wander to his crotch. Feeling the hard shell of his cage I started to tease him. Stroking his balls, softly and alternating with hard gropes. Looking at his face I can see him react and I grin.

After a drive with a lot of teasing we arrive at the movie festival and quickly make our way into the theatre. Sitting in the back on the end of the row I quickly start my teasing again when the movie starts. Making him gasp from my sudden touches I grin as he looks at me.

Getting back to his place, we soon make our way to the bed. He shows me some of his toys and of course I bring out mine. We undress each other and I tie him up to the bed and blindfold him. He has his cage still on so I start teasing him… a lot. Straddling him I grind myself against him, letting him hear and feel how wet I was. I stroke his balls and bite his nipples…  At this point his cage got very, very tight. Especially after licking his balls he was groaning with frustration.

I uncaged him  and his cock instantly grew from being released. I gave a few tender kisses and licks on this cock before continuing teasing him.

Getting myself a glass of water I teased him by dripping some cold drops on his body. Him flinching with every drop. I took some in my mouth and swallowed it right before taking his cock in my mouth. He gasped and after repeating the teasing a few times I laid down next to him. Softly stroking him I brought out the Love Bites gloves. Not seeing them come, he gasped at my first touch, sucking in air while squirming under my touch. Not being able to move much he strains in the restraints, trying to get away. Sucking on his nipples and using the gloves to tease his body. After teasing him for a while I laid down next to him and took off his blindfold. Just stroking his body I asked him if he wanted to be set free. Of course he wanted to be released, so I decide to tease him even more by giving him the keys to the locks on his wrist restraints. He was very confident that he could open them while restrained. Gravity however proved him wrong as he got the key in the lock but couldn’t turn it without the key falling out. Gravity is a true bitch. Don’t worry though, I did let him out…. eventually 😉


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  1. Oh you really are an incredible tease! I bet both of you enjoyed that 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. Silverdrop says:

    You tease! That was hot to read.

  3. Lord Raven says:

    You naughty girl, I love it. And yes gravity can be a bitch 🙂

  4. Molly says:

    Oh you really are a wonderfully evil minx


  5. TheSinDoll says:

    Seriously? What a tease! “Gravity is a true bitch” – LOL! Lovely piece.

  6. KaziG says:

    You are quite the sadistic tease! Sounds delightful 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

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