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Sinful Sunday: My Journey

When I was first introduced to kink, I realized quickly I was drawn to both sides of submission and domination so naturally I identified myself as switch. Starting to explore the different sides of this, I started to find out that I liked being in control more than being without it. I kept liking being dominant more and more. It truly is addictive and I love seeing a boy at my feet, waiting for me to tell him what to do.

There still is a lot to explore and to find out about myself but I’m very happy to do so with pride. I love being dominant and with that the other side for me has become less and less present. I wonder where my kink journey will lead for me and I’ll be looking forward to find out. Want to join me on the journey?

Fire Domme

If you want to see more Sinful Sunday just click the image below:

Sinful Sunday


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  1. Molly says:

    Great post! I think knowing that we all evolve and learn as we discover our kinks is such an important think. I LOVE this image too, it shows off your dominant personality in a beautifully sensual way


  2. This is a stunning photo, Rose! Beautiful, rich colors!

    Rebel xox

  3. See I am more of a submissive I have a hard time demanding someone do something. While occassionally I may switch and be top it is never to the extent that I like to be dominated..

  4. GrittyWoman says:

    Like you, I identify as a switch, leaning more towards the D side. This image is stunning. You look so graceful yet powerful. I love it!

  5. Jade says:

    I love that shot, the way your skin glows. And I agree, it’s all a beautiful, mysterious journey!

  6. Mia says:

    It is so fascinating to see where the kink journey leads is it not?

    This image is beautiful.

    ~Mia~ xx

  7. I love reading about people’s journey, thank you for sharing. As for dominating, the fact that you are all soft curves and beauty makes you that much more desirable.

  8. dammit woman!
    stop being so sexy and beautiful when you are too far away for me to enjoy…

    by that i mean in so many ways!!!
    top three being naughty, friendship and getting you in front of my camera!

  9. H.H. says:

    Truly lovely pic.

  10. Heaven says:

    This is such a lovely shot.

  11. Beck says:

    Really great lighting! You look fantastic.

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