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Wicked Wednesday: First session

He had send me a lovely message on Fetlife and being a sucker for long messages and care for attention (not to mention a person that actually shows in his message that he has read my profile) we started talking. He explained that he was looking for someone in the area to keep him ‘busy’ while away from his girlfriend. Of course this came with certain limitations but I saw no problems in that.
After meeting him in a cafe in person, we both thought it clicked quite good and even despite the limitations he had with what he could offer, I would certainly consider it interesting and fun to play with him.

Getting back to his place, we just talked a bit about things before we got to the spanking part. I showed him what I had brought along and was about to do to him.
I had brought my love bites gloves with the little spikes, my carpet beater, a blindfold and some other minor things. He at that point told me he had a surprise for me and I closed my eyes.
As I opened them, he had placed a crop in my hands. Definitely a good thing he thought of it, because I didn’t have that much to hit him with.

He changed into his briefs and he knelt before me as I sat comfortably on the sofa.
I told him to kiss my feet and he eagerly started kissing them. As he finished, he kept his eyes lowered and resumed his position again. I walked around him and teased him with the crop on his back. After a few strokes I told him to lean over the couch so I would have a better target and better access. He wasn’t familiar with the gloves yet so I also brought those out to play.

First I gave him a taste of the carpet beater, for being cheeky a couple of times. Cheeky is certainly something I will remember, especially if I later will have the opportunity to be in control of the other person. Sometimes I will react to cheekiness straight away and sometimes I will save it for later punishment. After the first strike, he said to me that the carpet beater was an evil vicious thing. Obviously that made me chuckle because I already knew that. Of course it is evil, that is why I love it. After giving plenty of strokes, I put on one of the love bites gloves. I started to trace my and up and down his back. Getting to his sides, he flinched and mad amusing sounds…. it seemed I found his ticklish spot.

‘I can’t believe you found my weak spot so quickly.’

I grinned and replied ‘Well that’s what I’m good at.’

‘Hold still’ I ordered him as I slowly scratched his sides. Despite his best efforts to hold still, he flinched.



‘That will happen again if you don’t hold still.’

‘I am trying really hard Miss, it tickles.’

‘I know’ I said as I grinned and moved to his other side. I kept repeating this and he eventually managed to hold quite still as I teased his sides with the glove.

‘Good boy’ I told him as I reversed my palm and stroked his back with the soft side of the gloves. After a little more spanking, I decided to give him the mercy he was begging for and stopped.

Next I demanded the massage he promised and I was looking forward to before. I blindfolded so he couldn’t see and I stripped down to my panties and laid down for my pampering. It was nice to be in capable hands while chatting and relaxing. After being pampered, we returned to the couch, I got dressed and he knelt in front of me again. I let him put his head on my lap as I warmed up from being almost naked. At some point he ended up over my knee, face down. I gave him another spanking with my hand and also let him experience that he had more ticklish spots than he thought. I really love the noises of someone responding to being tickled, very, very amusing.



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  1. Sounds like both of you had a wonderful time 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Lord Raven says:

    that sounds like lots of fun. I am glad you had a great time

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