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Eroticon 2014

So I went to Eroticon 2014. Yes! I was really happy I made it and glad I could be a part of it. First of all many thanks to all those who helped out with the costs and donated money. Every little bit helped and I’m glad to receive the donations I got. As a little thank you I’ve uploaded the full striptease video…


At the Eroticon meet and greet on friday night was fabulous and of course I made a promise about showing up in my pretty not hiding much dress. Walking into the lobby with the dress on, I even got applause from a random guy in the lobby… yes really. It was weird.

With a bit of double sided sticky tape I managed to keep it in place for most of the evening. Until I had to pee and discovered that I had to undo the whole bottom part again to be able to pee. Yes, not very well thought through but after that I just got the sticky bits off and kept an eye on where my dress went.


I loved seeing everyone again and meeting new faces. I’m bad with remembering stuff and people so I’ll refrain from mentioning people, because I’m bound to forget someone. If I have met you and talked to you, you’re lovely. I really love events like this to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Share stories and talk about anything, because we can. And it’s the most normal thing in the world.


With the sessions on both Saturday and Sunday I tried to soak in as much as I could and took as much notes as I could. I didn’t really have more than one or two sessions I really wanted to go to so I went to sessions that I felt like going to. That and I caved to peer pressure once or twice because I knew that one session was going to be fun either way no matter the topic. What can I say, I have a short attention span so I’m always up for fun! In my case that meant getting stickers all over my body in Lilly her session. As you can see Harper is having a lot of fun putting stickers on my body.


And dropping my knickers and hitching up my skirt in Molly her session.


I did learn a lot of new things and one of the fascinating things to see was to see Fearie and Marti do their demonstration. It took some getting into for me (yes easily distracted) but it was enticing to watch. Even lady boner worthy I must say, really was hot to see them together.

The party on Saturday was quite fun and I held my promise to Marie to let her sit on my lap. ( I always keep my word) I even managed to get my hands on a misery stick, many thanks to Domsigns and yes people kept ‘borrowing’ it after I bought it. Might have traumatized a few innocent bystanders with them but overall people were intrigued. I also managed to play geeky games, whoohoo! Hurray for Blacksilk and her boyfriend Crush happily joining in with my geekyness.

Sadly I had to leave during the last session on Sunday but at least I had fun in the morning mocking all the hungover and tired faces. For just 5 hours of sleep in two nights I was surprisingly awake I must say. But you know, if you’re not tired or hungover, or possibly both, you’re doing it wrong!

Once again it was lovely to meet friends, make new ones, listen to awesome people talk, learn new things and experience new things. It was great, can’t wait to next time!

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  1. It was really wonderful to see you and to spend time together! Can’t wait for you to be closer again so we can see each other more 🙂

    Rebel xox

    PS: I love our bums next to each other 😉

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