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Male chastity

Anyone who knows something about me, knows that I’m not a very kinky person. So it might strike some as weird that I recently got my male chastity device in the mail. But I rather enjoy wearing it.

When I first heard of them I was somewhat weirded out, but at the same time curious. This is mostly because I’m very curious by nature and prefer to live by a don’t knock until you’ve tried rule. (though there are limits, I tend to use porn to find those out)

So at first I used some clever creativity to make my own chastity devices and learned I rather enjoyed them. Though they had their limits. The real deal works a lot better and can probably we worn under clothing.

It’s weird to describe what I like about it. Primarily it’s the sensation of getting an erection that is then restricted in space. Though I have tested it’s limits it’s very hard if not impossible to orgasm with it on.

Soon I will visit my girlfriend of a week, for a week I’ll hand her the keys. It will be interesting to see how I enjoy that.

So all in all, they are interesting. And it’s the softest kinky things you can do in terms of ‘control’ in relationship. At least in my opinion. The most basic version doesn’t hurt to use and gives an interesting sense of control away.

Of course in my case I just enjoy the senation of a limited hardon while watching porn or getting myself riled up. But I suppose I’d odd like that.


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  1. I like reading about your perspective. I confess I’ve been curious as to how they work and feel. Great post!

    • thornshadow says: (Author)

      Thanks. They are interesting, which I would not have expected coming from me.

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