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Being out

It’s one of those things that is always lurking around the corner and sooner or later will happen.

Being out.

Out of the kink closet and possibly out of the sex blogger one too.

Bit scary, but seems I can react swiftly and calmly to it.

The scary part being, why did he say it to me? Of course it’s appreciated that he did so I know he’s aware.

‘Hey I don’t wanna gossip or anything but I found your okcupid profile.’

That’s all it took.

I don’t remember exactly what I said but I mumbled something about it being okay and our open relationship.

The awkward moment passed pretty quickly because there were other people around. I think it was more awkward for him since his head was red. I like to think that I’d responded very calmly. Sure, in my head I went oh shit for a second, but I’m pretty open in general about things so it doesn’t bother me.

What I am wondering of course it’s how much he read and how much he found. Did he make the link to my blog? Did he go through all my question answers?

And of course, why did he say something? Fellow kinkster in the closet or just a very polite vanilla friend?
Of course being a very curious person, I’m curious. But I also respect his privacy to not click on his profile.  

Anyway, I don’t mind being out. Mainly, because he’s a friend. And seems to me that he didn’t go all crazy over it. He responded in a correct way and let me know. Thanks, I very much appreciate that. And now I know that it isn’t as scary as I thought it would be to be out to someone. I know now that I can respond calmly and not freak out. Well at least calmly on the inside. It’s only natural to freak out a little bit in your head.

Also, if you’re reading this * waves hi*


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  1. I’ve always wondered how I would react, but found that I could act cool too when people ‘confronted’ me. My mom recently told me that she knows my pseudonym and she has known for since our first Eroticon in London! But she hasn’t been on my site, as she respects my privacy. I think there are enough people out there who are quite cool with what we do, but in our minds we think they will judge us or be angry or nasty. I always say that no one should judge me if they find out what I do. It’s my life and I harm no one with what I do 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Chris says:

    * waves back *
    Thanks for posting that. It’s nice to know people are accepting of those who don’t always conform to what others think of as ‘normal’

    Chris x

  3. This was so interesting. People should be allowed to be whoever they want and not need to keep it secret if they don’t want to.

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