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Sinful Sunday: Knotty fun

This Sinful Sunday, after being away for quite a while, I’m back again, this time with some knotty fun! I’ve been keeping myself busy with dates and fun. I certainly enjoy being the one doing the tying up and being in control but occasionally with the right person I don’t mind being tied up in knots. Turns out, even with bad circulation, I make quite a good bunny!


If you want to see more of Sinful Sunday, just click on the image below and enjoy!

Sinful Sunday


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  1. nice to see you–you are gorgeous from ANY angle!!!

  2. Velvet Rose says:

    You do look very inviting all tied up!

    Velvet x

  3. Lovely image!

    Rebel xox

  4. Tabitha says:

    What a stunning shot! Welcome back x

  5. Beck says:

    Nice focal point. Looks like a fun night.

  6. Dawn says:

    I do love rope 🙂

  7. Jane says:

    That rope creates such wonderful sight lines – amongst other things. 🙂 And, god, but you have a lovely bottom! Jane xxx

  8. L says:

    I love the ropework! What do you call it? You’ve got a beautiful body too

  9. Lovely to see the firmness of the rope against the softness of the flesh.

  10. sub-Bee says:

    I love rope and I think the angle is just fantastic!

  11. Molly says:

    Yay, I am so happy to see you back blogging again and back on Sinful Sunday. I have missed your images and as jane said above, what a truly stunning bottom


  12. MariaSibylla says:

    This is so lovely. The rope, rough and tangled, against your soft skin is a gorgeous contrast.

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