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TMI: Big? Tight?

1. Can a penis be too big?

Eventually you’ll reach a point of a penis being too big because the human body can only stretch so far. Had a case of wow that was a little wider than I expected but otherwise I haven’t made the acquaintance yet of one that is too big. And yes I do love them big.

2. Can a vagina be too tight?

Probably yes. I know I can be tight but add a waterfall of moist to that and tight isn’t a problem?

3. Does playing with fake tits give you the same satisfaction and response as fondling real breasts?

So far my only fake tit experience goes to tit stress balls and I suppose it’s not the same. I still prefer fondling butts (hehe) and penises over breasts though, no matter if they’re real or not.

4. Fill in the blank: I prefer ____ over having sex.

I definitely prefer snuggles and cuddling over having sex. I can be lazy sometimes so cuddling works just fine to be close to someone.

5. If a stranger offered you 30 USD to lick your boots or shoes, while you are wearing them, would you accept? If no, how much money would it take for you to accept the offer?

That would totally depend on the situation I’m in and whether the person offering me money looks rich or not. If someone would offer me it on the spot I’ll probably say yes, random person on the internet yeah no. Worst case scenario: my boots/shoes get a good clean and can be wiped afterwards and I have 30 USD. Definitely don’t see the harm in that one.

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  1. Nero says:

    Great answers!
    I like snuggling and cuddling, but I’d still want the sex! 🙂

  2. hedone says:

    4. Love that answer.

    Thanks for playing TMI Tuesday and linking back to the site.



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