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Sinful Sunday: Christmas spirit

This Sinful Sunday I’m getting a little in the Christmas spirit with my bright red panties !

I have been very naughty, but what will you do?
Shower me clean?
Spank me for being naughty?
Or make me even more naughty?

Sexy in red

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday: Outfit

This Sinful Sunday I’m sharing my outfit for the Erotic Meet With Bells On Christmas party

If you’re in the UK and want to go to a fun party, Erotic Meet is the place to be!

I’m just giving a tease here with my pictures, leaving enough to your imagination đŸ˜‰

There’s a bit of lace

There’s a bit of frill

And there’s a bit of nothing…

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Sinful Sunday

Happy Birthday

This is my competition entry for the Erotic Meet Competition this month.

And this months competition is all about Erotic Meet turning one!
And of course a birthday is nothing without a party (so feel free to join the party here) There’s a lot on the program and you can even go home with a gift yourself…….

Also a birthday is nothing without a treat, and I decided to be part of the treat.
Chocolate as a choice of weapon

My body as a canvas

Want to join in the celebration? Read all about it by clicking on the image below!

London: SextoysUK tour and the Erotic Meet

First of all,if you don’t know what the Erotic Meet is all about and who’s in it. I suggest you take look around at the site.
Getting up really early at 5 in the morning (with only 4 hours of sleep) I got wished happy birthday by my boyfriend and he dropped me off at the train station. Still a bit sleepy I made my way to the airport and at customs I was a bit disappointed they didn’t went through my bag cause my raffle toy was in there. I prepped myself to go fly with my earplugs and nose spray (just to be on the safe side) and entertained myself with some Sudoku solving.
Arriving in Luton, I made my way to the train station so I could get to St. Pancreas to meet ILB who kindly offered a place for me to stay while I was in London. You can see what his thoughts were over here and don’t forget to read part 2 and the other post!

Arriving at the platform I looked around for ILB and didn’t see him so I walked up the stairs. Going through the gates I looked around again and there was only 1 guy standing there so had to be ILB. We decided to get something to eat since I was starving and ILB called Shalla, so we could meet up.
After some trouble with finding each other we finally met and we also met her friend (good boy bad boy) Together we decided to go up to Camden to stroll around the market and stands for a bit. When we got there we had to pay attention to GBBB, cause he was taking pictures a lot and we were just walking and talking (not paying too much attention)
Since GBBB hadn’t been in Cyberdog (loud music, neon colors and fun stuff) before,  we went there. We went all the way down to the basement where they also had some fun sex toys. Picking up a flogger and teasingly spanked Shalla on the ass. I had to do it again with her coat up so I could hit her better but apparently I still didn’t do it right so GBBB took over and spanked her really hard.
Eventually we ended up in a pub, warming up (cause it was freezing outside) and after some hot chocolate we decided to stay inside for a while. Plus we also met up with another friend of Shalla and had some fun talking.

I’ve got to say that it was really nice being able to talk about anything, especially stuff you usually don’t talk about with friend and family. There was even an idea of organizing a ski trip with a group. And I must say I liked that idea, I do like to ski.
After having some lunch/whatever you would like to call it (what was some toffee pudding for me) we went to the City (of London) to look for a place to have some dinner. After a long walk and cursing at Shalla’s friend for not finding the pub he wanted to find and making my back hurt we went inside a pub. There was no place to sit though so we decided to call it a day.
My feet and my back were hurting from all the walking and the stairs so I went home with ILB so he could park me in his attic for the night. Of course after beating him a few times with Kirby (Smash Bros) And first beating him at Mario Kart and then both ending last. After that we discussed how silly Twilight is among other stuff and since I had to get up early to meet Jilly in the morning for breakfast we called it a night.

That morning I found myself up really early and I got to St. Pancreas to meet Jilly. We decided to have our breakfast in Starbucks (Oh I do loooove Starbucks, even though it’s expensive) We had a nice chat and it was nice to talk native for a while after all the English. Not that I have trouble talking English but it requires less thinking. After we sat there for a while talking and such other people started to gather for the SextoysUK tour. The gorgeous Annie was the first to arrive and we said hi and soon the lovely Blacksilk, Shalla with GBBB, ILB, Lily and others turned up. (Yes I’m bad with names, I know exactly how everybody looked but names slip my mind a lot) We made our way to Luton and met Domsigns, Molly and Rebecca at the SexytoysUK headquarters. The wonderful (and sexy) Cara let us in and after having fun with putting our name stickers on ( I put mine on my boob) we got some tea and we discussed some things. It was actually really awesome to discuss a lot of sexy, naughty stuff without worrying. We were led into a room with a lot of sex toys on the table, later to be explained as their best selling items. Of course everybody was like: oh I want that one, and that one, and that one….
But we resisted our urges and talked about the process of the making of toys and that they really would like some original new ideas for toys. And having a creative mind obviously a lot of ideas popped into my head for new toys.
Also that they would love to have more toys tested and reviewed (I obviously wouldn’t mind to be a test subject for toys, I will blog for toys) We also got some awesome cupcakes and finally we were led around in the big belly of their headquarters: the storage/packaging space. And it made me feel like walking into a giant candy store.

We eventually made our way back to London and after some splitting up I went to Soho with a few others to be nice and early for the Erotic Meet. While Annie was off to prepare stuff I had something to eat with Jilly and ILB. After that we went in the venue and it was gorgeous, I just loved everything about the place (and there were a few poles too) I decided to get changed and walked downstairs and made my way through the people who were celebrating a birthday party and went into a booth to get changed. Trust me it’s harder then it looks but I managed to get everything on properly and decided not to scare the ‘normal’ people too much and also put my vest over my dress. Walking up the stairs it didn’t help since it was a short dress and I had stockings on but at least I tried đŸ˜‰ Upstairs I got some wows when I took of the sweater and sat down. I talked to Dragonkingsdaughter about how I loved her corset and put my evil cookies out on the table. It was fun to guess who’s who when people walk in and some people you could just instantly recognize. Like Elenya and Smutsy (who are really cute together) Also Honey I recognized from her pictures just like the beautiful Lady and Joe was also pretty easy to recognize. I also got to meet the gorgeous Mia who was pretty awesome to talk to. It was also lovely to meet new people and put other faces to twitter names. Makes it a lot easier for me to connect faces to the names, cause I’m bad at names most of the time. I met a lot of people (like Monty, a fellow I couldn’t remember his name but did pinch his butt, Jane, a guy named Will who had a birthday, Meg and more people) and not sure if I got to talk to everybody but if I didn’t talk to you, make sure you get to me next time! Shame I forgot to take a picture of me in my pretty dress and stockings but I’m sure there will be next time. Mingling with people was fun and soon the stage was open for the filthy mouths to speak on. I sat on a sofa with the gorgeous Twistd and we listened and giggled some together.
Everybody on stage was so sexy, wonderful, hot, funny and fun. I think cheering at everybody was part of the reason I lost my voice. But I loved everybody on stage! Maybe next time I’ll do some myself but for now I was totally happy with listening to everybody.
After everybody went on stage, the raffle was organized and I won 2 prizes! I got a cock ring and a box with a 100 ways to say I love you. That was pretty fun but since my raffle prize went with a massage, I had to get my massage on, even did 2 instead of 1. And I’m sure Sarah and her companion enjoyed it.

After the official program, the dance floor was open for dancing and since I love dancing I couldn’t resist. And yes the dancing made my very short dress crawl up all the time, but I’m pretty sure nobody minded that. I also sat down a lot, talking to people and avoiding getting hit on by some random stranger who didn’t took a hint. But hiding and just walking away seemed to do the trick. I don’t mind people touching me but random drunk strangers need to stay away for their own well being. I did get a few hands on my ass, a bite in my neck, 2 attempts of biting my nipple but it actually tickled and I also did some groping myself. Oh and not to mention I danced with a guy who I still don’t know his name but was a very good dancer. Trust me coming from a girl who did a lot of different dancing classes, he was a very good dancer. And I just loved my outfit for getting me a lot of  ‘wow’ s and compliments, just wish I could wear that with the normals without scaring them.
I’ll just leave you all with the though that I wasn’t wearing a bra and hat crotchless panties on….

Ps: To the person that took my handbag, take the M&M’s, take the money but give me back my notebook!

A pleasure shared: The desk

The first erotic piece I have written inspired by Tarantism1’s pleasure;

“I’d like to see anything that involves a desk and some rope. ;)”

The Desk

Putting away my things for the day, I noticed that it already was late and that most my co workers already had left and the office was close to empty. The only other person still working late was the boss. He was still in his office and I was wondering if he ever went home early. I had some paperwork that he needed to sign and decided on dropping it off to him before I left.

I looked up to see if he was still in his office and saw him sitting there. I grabbed the papers and walked up to the office. Opening the door I was surprised to see that he wasn’t sitting at the desk anymore but I walked up to the desk.


I put the papers on the desk and when I wanted to turn myself around I felt somebody pressing a body against mine. Along with that my eyesight was blinded by a blindfold and I was pushed over the desk.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Be quiet’ was a voice whispering in my ear.

Slightly baffled and afraid I wondered what was coming.

I heard stuff dropping of the desk and I felt rope going around my hands. They were tied pretty tightly behind my back. When they were secured a gag was put in my mouth and secured with a strap. My legs were spread and I felt my ankles getting tied to the desk.

There I laid, all tied up, curious and anxious. I heard a person moving around and suddenly I felt a hand on my leg. I made a tiny noise because of the sudden touch and instantly got slapped on my ass.

‘No noise’ I heard somebody whisper in my ear and I nodded slightly.

The hand came back at my leg and even though I did flinch, I didn’t make any noise. I felt the hand stroking my leg and it kept going up under my skirt. It reached my ass and I felt a slight pinch. My skirt was moved up, leaving me only a thong with my ass cheeks up in the air. The hand went over my cheeks and suddenly slapped them. Making noise again, I got slapped again and again until I was quiet. The hand moved from my ass cheeks between my thighs and moved up to my pussy from there. Stroking it through my thong I suspected that I’ve must been very wet because a few fingers slid in underneath my thong. Slowly the fingers came out of my pussy and they started to massage my clit. I couldn’t help but moan and the moan was immediately punished with a slap on my ass. I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter while the hand kept massaging it the other hand went over my ass, slightly pinched it and then slapped it. when I didn’t make a sound, another slap was due, this time harder and I could muffle a moan.

‘Very good’ he whispered in my ear.

Without any warning he trusted his hard cock inside me and he filled me up all the way. I felt my pussy stretch because of his size and I moaned slightly. As a response to that he spanked my ass while thrusting his hard cock in even deeper.

He slid his cock out my pussy again and I heard him do something. Suddenly I realized what he was doing, he was taking his belt out of his pants. He teasingly went over my cheeks with the end of the belt before slapping me with it. I felt the leather stinging and at the same time he slid fingers inside my pussy also giving me pleasure. This gave a feeling of pain mixed with pleasure which I was quite new to. I never knew I could experience this kind of pleasure along with some pain.

As sudden as he started, he stopped again leaving me wanting for more pleasure. While I was wondering what he was doing I heard stuff falling off the desk.

My ankles were untied and he turned me over on the desk. I felt more exposed and wondered what he was planning next.

I didn’t have to wait long until he suddenly spanked my pussy with his flat hand. I felt it sting but at the same time I got even wetter then I already was. He teased me by stroking my legs softly with his fingertips. I was craving for more, I wanted more. Not only I craved for him to fill me up, I also felt my pussy aching for a slap.

To feel the aching in my pussy for a slapping unleashed something in me, I wanted it, craved for it.

I wanted to be his toy, for his pleasure only, not knowing what would come next.

Suddenly I felt something enter me that was very cold, and he started going in and out my pussy with it. He did that really slowly, teasing me, knowing I would want more and want it to be faster.

As if he was reading my mind, he took it out and he put something vibrating in my pussy. It went all the way in and the moment it was in all the way he turned it up all the way.

‘I want you to be a real slut and come like you have never come before’ he whispered in my ear.
The vibrations made me moan and he slapped me again, this time my pussy and it made me moan even louder.

He slapped my pussy again and again and I felt that I was getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

He stopped slapping me and he started fingering me over the edge. I felt the climax coming as he roughly massaged my clit I came like I never came before.

He didn’t give me any rest and pulled the vibrator out and started pounding my soaking wet pussy.

As he was pounding me he slapped me on the breasts and with a low grunt he filled me up with his sperm.

‘You’ve been a good girl’ he whispered and the words filled me with happiness.

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Sneak preview

I’ll be giving a sneak preview of what I’m writing on for the ‘a Pleasure Shared’ contest from Erotic Meet, it’s a fun community and they also organize a lot of fun stuff so get over there and get involved!
My sneak preview of ‘The Desk’ (as I call it being still in progress)

‘What are you doing?’
‘Be quiet’ was a voice whispering in my ear.
Slightly baffled and afraid I wondered what was coming.
I heard stuff dropping of the desk and I felt rope going around my hands. They were tied pretty tightly behind my back. When they were secured a gag was put in my mouth and secured with a strap. My legs were spread and I felt my ankles getting tied to the desk.
There I laid, all tied up, curious and anxious. I heard a person moving around and suddenly I felt a hand on my leg. I made a tiny noise because of the sudden touch and instantly got slapped on my ass.
Anyone curious about the rest?