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Some sexy A-Z

This is inspired by Beck her giveaway and I’ve decided to give it my own special twist. This is my own special ABC. It’s a mix of what I am and I’m sorry for the Stan Lee mimics (you’ll get it eventually)

A – Additively Alluring (I’m like coffee)

B – Beautiful Breasts (Yes fairly obvious from my blog pictures, I have breasts and I love them. (I got to admit other people love them more then I do though))

C – Curiously Cunning (A very bad combination)

D – Devilishly Deviant (Also a bad combination)

E – Exciting Erotic (Obviously)

F – Fun Fantasies (Who doesn’t like a little fun)

G – Glorious Geeky Glamazon (Oh yes)

H – Helpful Hands (The more the merrier)

I – Incognito Images (For extra fun)

J – Juicy Jiggles (*insert sexy comment here*)

K – Kinky Kisser (For those who will find out)

L – Luscious Long Legs (That go on forever)

M – Moaning More (And more…)

N – Nice and Naughty (Like a good girl)

O –  Overly Outgoing (I can be all over)

P – Perfectly Playful (Because I love to play…)

Q – Quivering Quickie (Let’s find out who will quiver…)

R – Ravishing Role-player (Oh yes)

S – Sexy Spankings (If you can catch me)

T –  Terrible Tease (I really am)

U – Uncontrollable Underwear (I keep finding them at weird places_

V – Very Voyeuristic (Quite obviously)

W – Wonderfully Wanton (Do I need to say more?)

X – X-rated Xenodochial (Just Google it, I dare you..)

Y – Yearning for You (Oh yes you…and you..)

Z – Zany Zombie-lover (Very geeky, I know)

Okay I really got Stan Lee syndrome now from all of this.


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  1. ladypandorah says:

    Very impressed you did this! I think I’d struggle to complete it, let alone alliteratively as you have.

    LadyP x

  2. says:

    Nice try ! Do let your mind wander in a sexy way!

  3. MaríMar says:

    I like this… You did a great job.
    I might steal your idea. May I? 🙂

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