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Kink of the week: Sapiosexuality

First of all, hell yes I’m a sapiosexual. I find intelligence very hot and if you can turn my brain on, you don’t even need to worry about the rest. It can be tricky with finding a fun play partner though because I want to be stimulated in every way, including mentally.
Correct spelling is one of the turn ons I take for granted, because if you can’t even bother to put a correct normal sentence together, yeah it’s not going to work.
Messages like ‘h r u?’ and such, totally a turn off and it’s so unsexy if people do that.

Give me a dirty intelligent person and I’ll love every second of it. I’m quite the geek myself and if someone is geeky that’s a definite bonus 😉 I’ve had it before that people were intimidated because I’m not just a pretty girl, I do actually have brains that I use.

I would definitely call me being turned on by intelligence a  turn on because  it’s a part of me. Something that I will never change, I’ll always be attracted to an intelligent person. You don’t even have to have the same interests because you can always have a good conversation if needed. No need to be serious all the time of course but knowing your way around a healthy discussion is quite sexy. That’s why I love Twitter so much, all the lovely articulate (some exceptions excluded of course) people that I can have a good conversation with. I find words even so sexy that I’ve recently only masturbated listening or reading. No pictures or video, I just need to close my eyes and imagine it. Words are definitely more sexy than most videos.

Want to be a sapiosexual with me? 😉

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  1. H.H. says:

    Then, if you read my writings at mysexlifewithlola, then you should be dripping wet by now. (Unless, of course, you find conceited, arrogant – yet intelligent – writers a turn off.)

  2. Jade says:

    This: “No pictures or video, I just need to close my eyes and imagine it. Words are definitely more sexy than most videos.” ~nodding enthusiastically~

    Intelligent, articulate people are SUCH a turn-on.

  3. Bunny says:

    Absolutely if someone doesn’t have anything upstairs in their head, then I can’t bear to be in their presence let alone contemplate having sex with them. Luckily Silver is rather clever 🙂

    Also, he has such geek cred. He walked into the room with a space invaders t-shirt and I couldn’t help but make out with him immediately. SO HOT!

  4. Malflic says:

    Smart girls are always the most attractive. Of course I’m a guy who has a long history of keeping the company of nerds.

  5. Molly says:

    Oh my yes I completely agree about words. I often play a phrase over and over in my head when I close to cumming, focusing on the words and the meaning will usually push me over the edge


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