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Kink of the week: Anal!

So, anal sex. Let’s talk about that. For me, anal is something that I don’t mind (secretly love sometimes even, shhhh) but it can be a hassle sometimes. For it to be comfortable it needs some stretching up and warming up but I can imagine that’s the case for most people. But it’s hot when it’s done right. For instance when your play partner has you insert a plug in you and proceeds to fuck you while you have it in. As someone with a double penetration fantasy that she still wants to experience at least once, that is hot as fuck.

Very hot as fuck actually, especially with some kink and restraints involved. Or just two guys that hold you in to place as they…. But I digress. Ahum, let’s see where was I?

Ah yes anal, sometimes I also include it with masturbating but usually only when I have a play partner who also loves it that I do that. Sometimes even with a dildo along with it. Okay I see a pattern here now. With my masturbating, I usually read my porn and anal often is also a part of it. I’m a fan of non-consent writing and for me it can also be something that is more degrading. For me that’s more something in the category of a fucktoy with all holes being used kind of thing.

But as a switch and owner of a strapon harnass and a bigass dildo that somehow ended up being called Henk, I also have an interest for pegging. Not as much as I used to anymore but it’s still there… somewhere. Currently I’m just more greedy and want to experience things myself while being the willing subject. But I do love walking around with Henk. And get into cockfights or just whooosh it around. Yes, I definitely have cock envy there and to take someone with a cock feels like a very powerful thing to do. And it is quite pleasing. And also making me horny as fuck in general. First time I pegged someone I forgot to wear panties and had my juices halfway down my leg. Yeah I was just as surprised.

So yes, I do like it, don’t mind it but it’s also perfectly okay to not have it included in sex or masturbation.


Kink of the week: High Heels

I love heels. Yes I said it. I love them. I do not love the way some of them hurt my feet though. Of course there are different ones that do or do not make my feet hurt quickly but eventually I end up walking too much on them and it will be a relief to take them off. So yes it takes some planning on my behalf if I know I am going to be walking a lot, I’ll bring a pair of flats. And sometimes my impulsivity gets me end up with glass in my foot because I had to take them off and I’ll just walk home barefoot.

But let’s discuss the more obvious one for me. Being tall and wearing heels. Yes, I know I am tall with my 6’1/1.85 and yes I will be even taller. My porn heels will make me tower over people and yes it does make me feel too tall sometimes. But fuck, why shouldn’t I wear heels just because I am already tall? When I’m wearing heels I do get it asked a lot. Why do you wear heels when you obviously are tall as fuck? I generally tend to answer with; why not?
And yes they usually answer with because you are already tall. Which really is a bullshit way of saying ‘I already envy your height so you can’t artificially alter it any more to he even taller than I am’.

It might not been said but the message sometimes is quite clear. And to be honest, I don’t give a fuck about what others might think, and so should you. No matter what gender you identify as, no matter how you look, no matter how tall you are, if you love wearing heels, just wear them!

Kink of the Week

Kink of the week: Orgasm control

First of all I have to say that I love orgasm control, especially used in combination with teasing it is a very fun thing. On someone else I must say, of course. On me it probably won’t work or even work counter horniness. I love being in control of a  man and his orgasms, not only because of the control but also the effects of it. For me, it helps enhance the dominant control and presence.


Let’s just say I have control over your orgasms.

Yes you.

Every time you get excited and your mind wanders.

I will be there in your mind. Every day.

It will enhance your submissiveness, you want to serve me more and better.

You pay attention more to what I say and what I like and dislike.

You will be begging me for release, hoping I will be kind.

I will be teasing you.

More and more.

You will beg me more and more for release.

Just the way I like it



Kink of the week: Biting

I absolutely love biting, definitely a favorite of mine. For me it depends on the other person in what way though. When it comes to sex, some people give amazing responses if you bite them during sex. Doesn’t have to be really hard but I found out that you do it often enough it will most definitely leave a big bruise. I do like to tease with the combination of pleasure and pain.

Being bitten I don’t mind either, apart from my nipples. They were bitten once pretty hard and yes it did bleed. Did not like that at all. My nipples aren’t really a sensitive or erogenous zone but when it comes to biting… yeah no. I would much rather do the biting. When I’m in a funny mood I do like to joke about biting different parts of the body. Usually makes the other person squirm…


Biting cock



Kink of the week: Exhibitionism

Sex in public places? Yes that’s definitely my kind of thing. I love being watched and even a remote chance of somebody seeing you any second is an exciting thrill to me. I’ve had sex with others in the room before while touching or being touched. It’s quite hot if it’s in the right circumstances and it can add to a great experience. Of course the biggest act of exhibitionism is the fact that I have this blog. I love sharing bits and pieces of myself to you all.

I haven’t always been like this and in fact I’m still a little shy sometimes despite the fact that I’m quite the exhibitionist. I certainly won’t make the first move very quickly when it comes to dates. But once past that point I do open up. Sometimes I think I’m almost too much of an exhibitionist because I’m very open and honest with you all. I always say to people that they can ask me anything. Of course being so open does have drawbacks sometimes but usually my honesty is appreciated a lot and many find it refreshing to hear.

Once naked I have no problem walking around naked around others. Going to the sauna, I have no problem stripping my clothes off in front of strangers. Or family for that matter, when I was younger I used to walk around the house half naked anyway and I never scared away from bikinis or even topless sunbathing. I’ve never been prude about things like that and I find it cute to see if others desperately cling to their towels and quickly slip in a sauna. I just walk naked from sauna to sauna, unless it’s beyond chilly of course. Sharing pictures with others is also no big thing for me, but I do only share other pictures (that are not on my blog) with people I’ve met and trust. But again showing nakedness, no problem at all. Even with going out I have no problem with revealing skin and I think the people who have seen me in person will agree that I have no problem with my ass being on show (or other things on show).

I get turned on with people watching me but I also enjoy watching them at the same time. When it’s only one way though, it’s not that much of a turn on. Exhibitionism for me always goes two ways, I show you mine if you show me yours 😉


Kink of the week: Sapiosexuality

First of all, hell yes I’m a sapiosexual. I find intelligence very hot and if you can turn my brain on, you don’t even need to worry about the rest. It can be tricky with finding a fun play partner though because I want to be stimulated in every way, including mentally.
Correct spelling is one of the turn ons I take for granted, because if you can’t even bother to put a correct normal sentence together, yeah it’s not going to work.
Messages like ‘h r u?’ and such, totally a turn off and it’s so unsexy if people do that.

Give me a dirty intelligent person and I’ll love every second of it. I’m quite the geek myself and if someone is geeky that’s a definite bonus 😉 I’ve had it before that people were intimidated because I’m not just a pretty girl, I do actually have brains that I use.

I would definitely call me being turned on by intelligence a  turn on because  it’s a part of me. Something that I will never change, I’ll always be attracted to an intelligent person. You don’t even have to have the same interests because you can always have a good conversation if needed. No need to be serious all the time of course but knowing your way around a healthy discussion is quite sexy. That’s why I love Twitter so much, all the lovely articulate (some exceptions excluded of course) people that I can have a good conversation with. I find words even so sexy that I’ve recently only masturbated listening or reading. No pictures or video, I just need to close my eyes and imagine it. Words are definitely more sexy than most videos.

Want to be a sapiosexual with me? 😉

Kink of the Week