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Wicked Wednesday: He went Dutch

I look around in your apartment
Bending over to look at things
Hoping you will stare at my ass
Maybe catch a glimpse of my underwear

Making out on the couch
Straddling you
Feeling you hard underneath me
Slowly getting naked
On the way to bed

Teasing you
Slowly tracing kisses down your body
Licking your cock
Before taking it into my mouth
Sucking hard
Feeling you throb in my mouth
And just before it comes
‘You are an animal’

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Kink of the week: Orgasm control

First of all I have to say that I love orgasm control, especially used in combination with teasing it is a very fun thing. On someone else I must say, of course. On me it probably won’t work or even work counter horniness. I love being in control of a  man and his orgasms, not only because of the control but also the effects of it. For me, it helps enhance the dominant control and presence.


Let’s just say I have control over your orgasms.

Yes you.

Every time you get excited and your mind wanders.

I will be there in your mind. Every day.

It will enhance your submissiveness, you want to serve me more and better.

You pay attention more to what I say and what I like and dislike.

You will be begging me for release, hoping I will be kind.

I will be teasing you.

More and more.

You will beg me more and more for release.

Just the way I like it



Wicked Wednesday: Thinking about you

Your fingertips across my skin

Nothing to see, I can only hear

Your tender touch making me squirm

No place to squirm to, making me wet


Feeling your body next to mine

Longing to feel your lips on mine

Hearing you whisper in my ear

Holding me close


Imagining you being close to me

What that would be like

Held in a tight embrace

Like there is no tomorrow

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