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Kink of the week: Exhibitionism

Sex in public places? Yes that’s definitely my kind of thing. I love being watched and even a remote chance of somebody seeing you any second is an exciting thrill to me. I’ve had sex with others in the room before while touching or being touched. It’s quite hot if it’s in the right circumstances and it can add to a great experience. Of course the biggest act of exhibitionism is the fact that I have this blog. I love sharing bits and pieces of myself to you all.

I haven’t always been like this and in fact I’m still a little shy sometimes despite the fact that I’m quite the exhibitionist. I certainly won’t make the first move very quickly when it comes to dates. But once past that point I do open up. Sometimes I think I’m almost too much of an exhibitionist because I’m very open and honest with you all. I always say to people that they can ask me anything. Of course being so open does have drawbacks sometimes but usually my honesty is appreciated a lot and many find it refreshing to hear.

Once naked I have no problem walking around naked around others. Going to the sauna, I have no problem stripping my clothes off in front of strangers. Or family for that matter, when I was younger I used to walk around the house half naked anyway and I never scared away from bikinis or even topless sunbathing. I’ve never been prude about things like that and I find it cute to see if others desperately cling to their towels and quickly slip in a sauna. I just walk naked from sauna to sauna, unless it’s beyond chilly of course. Sharing pictures with others is also no big thing for me, but I do only share other pictures (that are not on my blog) with people I’ve met and trust. But again showing nakedness, no problem at all. Even with going out I have no problem with revealing skin and I think the people who have seen me in person will agree that I have no problem with my ass being on show (or other things on show).

I get turned on with people watching me but I also enjoy watching them at the same time. When it’s only one way though, it’s not that much of a turn on. Exhibitionism for me always goes two ways, I show you mine if you show me yours 😉



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  1. Gosh, Rose – you, an exhibitionist? I never would have guessed! *grin*

    xx Dee

  2. Sam Dolan says:

    Oh, I am an exhibitionist too!

    I want to show you mine, Rose 🙂

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