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Sex toys and Orgasms

Yes, let’s talk about sex toys and orgasms. They belong together quite closely because one leads to another and if you have a toy that isn’t right for you, might not lead to the other.

There still are a lot of people that aren’t comfortable with having sex toys around and that’s not only men, there are a lot of women as well. And that is a real shame because there are plenty of women with trouble reaching an orgasm. Including me, yes me! Sex toys are not scary at all and if introduced properly they can really make it more fun for you (and your partner.) Don’t feel shy to try a toy for yourself, or with your partner. Sometimes masturbating in front of a partner or masturbating together can be quite fun with or without a toy.

When it comes to orgasms, everyone is different. Just going into orgasms for women, (because I’m sure it’s different for men even though things might overlap) some come very easily, others only from clitoral stimulation, some don’t come at all. Me for instance, I don’t come during sex. I only come when I’m masturbating, usually by myself. (you can see how here)  Women also get off on different things. I need a combination of friction, vibration and pressure to get my orgasm and I must say that doesn’t make it easy but it’s possible. And for that I am very glad. Yes it can be frustrating at times for me but I know that at least I can come if I put the effort in.

With choosing a sex toy, knowing what you like is very important.

For instance I have an eroscillator, great thing but does not work for me. You can’t really press it into you for friction or anything so for me it’s not a good toy. So yes if I gave that some more thought before I bought it, I could have saved a lot of money.

If you are not sure what you like, you can always ask your other half to help decide with what to get. My first ever sex toy that worked for me as well, was given to me by my boyfriend. By giving me the Layaspot he made orgasming so much easier for me (and less awkward for sure.)

A few questions you can ask yourself with searching a toy can be:

– Do I come from penetration alone?

– Do I only come with clitoral stimulation? ( like I have, I do not like anything inserted usually unless it’s the real deal)

– Do I need a combination of things? (If yes, the combination gives you a general idea what kind of toys you might like)

– Am I allergic to anything? If so pay good attention to what material toys are made from. Even if you are not allergic pay attention to the materials, sadly there are quite a lot unsafe materials out there that might cause problems. So always make sure you clean toys before and after use.

Doing some research on sex toys  before buying them can be very beneficial. Especially if you have a certain combination of things or only one thing you need, go look into things that might work. And if you can, and have a partner or a friend who is willing to let you try something, go for it I would say. Of course only if the toy can be properly cleaned and sanitized, otherwise I wouldn’t do that.

Sadly as with most things, you can’t be 100% certain a toy might be good for you. There are plenty of sex toy reviewers out there though that will give you a pretty good image of what a toy is all about and if it’s worth getting it for you.

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