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Online Erotic Dating

So your girlfriend tells you that it’s okay with her if you sleep with other women. Great news, except for the part where you’re a bit socially shy and wanting some connection with a woman before sleeping with her.

The main problem then with going out there and just hitting on women, is that most women aren’t just looking for a ‘fling’. And it’s unfair to lead them on believing you’re looking for a relationship while you just want sex. The whole first paragraph mentions a girlfriend, so you have the relationship thing covered.

Enter the internet, that wondrous land where you can, in the safety of some anonymity, get in touch with potential partners for sex.

So your first challenge is finding a website where you can do this. There are a lot of them and most search engines will give you a lot of options. But wait, almost all of them require that you enter you credit card info, they promise they won’t charge you but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Finally you find a site where you can sign up for free. But the moment you want to send a message you have to pay up. But this woman sent you a nice message, which she probably paid for. So you pay and have some conversation, then you suggest moving the conversation elsewhere and she gets very avoiding, suggesting you buy more points to keep talking.

Well that was a bust, what else have we got. There are actually sites that are free to use and don’t charge you to send messages. Since this is a free site the percentages are about 50% men, 30% couples and 20% women. Though possibly less for the latter two. So much like normal dating sites, women are bombarded by messages and have to filter out the crud. Which requires being all kinds of crafty to get any kind of conversation going. But it tends to get funnier.

There’s a few types of women you can encounter on these sites.

Relationshipseeker, these women are looking for a relationship via a regular sex site, which just boggles the mind.

The jumbo seeker, unless your penis is over 20cm long they’re not interested.

I’m just here to chat, they’re just here to chat, not even sexual at all.

Bisexual, but actually they’re only interested in women.

One time I saw one who was in a relationship but only wanted to talk to men who were single.

Some of these profiles are probably created this way to avoid being harassed, but in truth it doesn’t keep the jerks and pervs out. I’m gullible enough to believe them and respect their wishes.

One major problem is that a lot of profiles tend to be very sparing with information. It’s very hard to be clever or creative in an opening line when there isn’t much information to work with. One has to resort to canned lines to make any kind of opening.

Eventually you find that the most intelligent communities where it’s not as forced are the kinky communities. Which presents another challenge as you’re not that kinky. It’s not that I’m against kinky things, I’m just not ‘that’ into it. And kinky people tend to look for others to explore their kink.

Oh the trials and tribulations of online erotic dating.

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