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Wicked Wednesday: Jealousy

The prompt for this Wicked Wednesday is jealousy and of course this triggered me to write because it is a tricky thing and can easily be done wrong.

Jealousy is a tricky thing when it comes to relations and especially if you are a sex blogger. And especially if you are non monogamous.

And yes having a boyfriend with that makes it even more complicated.

With me and my boyfriend it took some time to get to the stage where we are now (and my boyfriend, also wrote a good post about how it came to be) and yes there always will be some jealousy.

The question is how you handle it. Acting like a child with an overgrown toy going ‘mine,’ is not the way to go. I think everyone can see how silly that is. I find it strange when I hear people overreact just because someone else is looking at their partner. I find it a compliment.

And it took a lot of communication back and forth and a lot of time but we are in a wonderful relationship that works for both of us without having to be “territorial” over each other.

I trust him, he trusts me. It is easy as that. Plus a lot of talking (I know, talking sounds boring but it’s fun and good!) Especially being apart for quite a long time, it really shows that I do need that daily dose of snuggles and affection. For me it is interesting because it taught me that it is the little things that you miss and that even affection from another person can be nice, but not the same.

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  1. Some things just need to go through a process to develop into what you want. It seems like you and ThornShadow have something wonderful after this process you have gone through together 🙂

    Rebel xox

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