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Review: She Makes The Rules



When I heard about She Makes The Rules (SMTH) and that it was all about Female Led Relationships (FLR) I was really curious about reading it because it is something that interests me greatly.

When I first saw the index of what was contained in this book, I already got excited. Lots of fun things and lots of information, my favorite! The writing style is also very fun and it is good to read.

I had lots of giggles on numerous occasions and if you take your time reading all the footnotes you will definitely find some funny things in there.

The set up of the book is quite simple but very informative. It is both good for people who don’t know much about the subject, and those already more knowledgeable.

The book treats the different kinds of FLR there are and debunks some myths about them along the way. There is quite a bit of information you can use to make a existing relationship work better or to carefully start one.

Everything is written very clearly and it is very good to read. One of the things that is very recognizable is are the unofficial FLR relationships. FLR is everywhere, even when you might not realize it. Who knows, you might be in one and not have realized it!

Regarding a lot of topics and for me already basic things I agree with Nookie. For instance about how important trust and communication are. These are for me very logical things but might not be as self explanatory if you are just starting out.

Reading it definitely gave me some new insights, tips, tools and handles on how I would like to have a FLR. Very recommendable for beginners to the subject but also for those who are not so new anymore. There are plenty of different things you can pick up or who knows, you might get some good inspiration for naughty, naughty things. I know I did. 😉

You can go over to Nookie her site and have a look yourself what kind of interesting things topics will be discussed, enjoy!


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  1. NookieNotes says:

    Thank you for such a lovely review, Rose.

    While I love that you gained some insight, I think my favorite part is that I was able to make you giggle.


    What’s the point of all this, if we’re not having fun?

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