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His surprise

It started with just an idea in my head. Something to surprise him with for. Something so deep in the darkest, perverted corner of his mind, that he wouldn’t speak of it. I found out by accident browsing on our laptop. The browser history had remembered something that didn’t look familiar to me so I went and see what it was. It was a porn site. More specifically, it was a cuckold porn site. I was fascinated and slowly the idea grew on me to surprise my husband with another woman with a strap on.

Doing some browsing online, I realized that it would be a lot less hassle to not go and find someone through ‘date’ sites and to just hire a professional. I stumbled across and had a browse there. I decided on a gorgeous looking woman called Eve. Nervously I contacted the agency and arranged a date for her to come to our house. The day before the date, I went to a sextoy shop to get some supplies. When I told the shop assistant of what I needed, she helped me pick out all the necessities. Including restraints to make sure he wouldn’t move. It may be his fantasy but I still want my fun for my own. I didn’t pick another woman for him, but for me. I have experimented with women in the past but to only think about what might happen now, made me quite excited.

I arranged Eve to arrive before my husband would, to make sure there will be enough time to tell her about the plan and to see if she appealed to my woman loving side. I put the toys out in the bedroom and made sure everything was ready when I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door and invited her in. She looked just as beautiful as her pictures and I was glad that I chose her. I explained my plans to her and how I wanted to do this. I took her to the bedroom and showed her the set up I made. I had put a chair next to the bed where I would tie him up so he would be agonizing close and be able to see everything. Seeing I was a bit nervous, she came closer and kissed me. Her lips were soft and delicious to kiss. when I heard the car pull up on the driveway I broke off the kiss and grabbed the blindfold. Going downstairs my heart raced as my husband came in.

‘Hi honey, how was your day?’ I asked.

‘Alright, glad to be home though.’

‘Come here, I have a surprise for you. ‘

This caught his attention and he said;’what kind of surprise? ‘

‘Wouldn’t be a surprise if I said it now would it?’

I revealed the blindfold and immediately covered his eyes with it.

‘What are you up to with this?’

‘You’ll see,’ I said as I guided him upstairs. Coming to the bedroom Eve was laying on the bed in her lingerie and it made me lust after her even more.

‘Okay you can sit down on the chair now’ I said as he carefully sat down. I took his arms and in a quick movement, secured them in the restraints. Before he could protest I also secured a gag in his mouth. Lastly I made sure his legs where secured to the chair as well and sat on the bed in front of him.

‘Now you are ready for your surprise, I’m sure you will enjoy this,’ I said as I removed his blindfold. He blinked a few times and saw Eve behind me on the bed. Eve came up behind me and kissed my neck as she slid her hand between my legs. I saw his eyes grow bigger as he fully realized what was going on and he mumbled into his gag.

She massaged my clit through my clothing and I moaned as she bit down in my neck gently. I could see his penis getting rock hard in his pants and Eve had noticed as well.

“Seems he is enjoying himself just as much.”

“Not as much as I will enjoy myself,” I said and took of my clothes as Eve stepped into the strap-on harness. With the harness and cock secured to her, she pushed me down on the bed on my back. She started teasing my breasts with her lips as she pushed a finger in my dripping vagina. I moaned loudly and couldn’t wait for more.

To be continued..

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  1. H.H. says:

    Very very hot!

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