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Kink of the week: Orgasm control

First of all I have to say that I love orgasm control, especially used in combination with teasing it is a very fun thing. On someone else I must say, of course. On me it probably won’t work or even work counter horniness. I love being in control of a  man and his orgasms, not only because of the control but also the effects of it. For me, it helps enhance the dominant control and presence.


Let’s just say I have control over your orgasms.

Yes you.

Every time you get excited and your mind wanders.

I will be there in your mind. Every day.

It will enhance your submissiveness, you want to serve me more and better.

You pay attention more to what I say and what I like and dislike.

You will be begging me for release, hoping I will be kind.

I will be teasing you.

More and more.

You will beg me more and more for release.

Just the way I like it



Wicked Wednesday: A kinky dream

So I had a sex dream. Oddly enough it’s only the second one I ever had and could remember. Yes I know, it’s shocking! And this one was quite naughty and definitely the most kinky as well. Waking up from it was quite a surprise and I was horny for the rest of the day (still am while writing this) The weird thing was though that I have no idea how my subconscious came up with the main subject of the dream: Jeroen Krabbé. For those who don’t know who that is here’s some pictures I found online to remind you.


Back in the day in one of the Bond movies

Back in the day in the Bond film ‘The Living Daylights’


Him now

Him now

So yes, and to be clear in my dream he was the now one, not the past one. Anyway I bet you are very curious about my dream. Yes older men can be sexy 😉 And because it’s a dream I obviously had to fill a few gaps in the story so it is a bit more coherent and sexy. I’m just glad I had one and remembered!
I had another man tied down, flat on his back, all naked. He is curious about kink and bondage and I am showing him what it is about. I’m sitting clothed on the other man and am teasing him while he is laying there helplessly. Jeroen is asking how I’m enjoying it and what I’m enjoying about it. I respond that I like to see and hear how people respond to me teasing them. I demonstrate it by grinding myself onto my victim and watch him squirm underneath me.
Looking at Jeroen I can see that he is getting excited and there is a bulge forming in his pants. Grinning I decide to tease him.
‘Getting excited are we?’ I say as I look him in the eyes and watch him blush.
Without thinking I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. He didn’t resist and kissed me back without thinking. Before I knew it I was pinning him down on the floor as I sat on top of him. I held his arms above his head as I softly bit his neck. I moved up towards his ear and whispered in his ear while I could feel his hard-on underneath me. I tied together his hands above his head and secured them tightly so he couldn’t undo them. I could see the look in his eyes change a little from lust and curiosity to a little bit of fear mixed into with it.
‘Just relax and enjoy’ I whispered in his ear as I stroked his hair and cheek. I slowly undid the buttons of his shirt and slid down to undo his pants. With a firm tug I pulled down his pants and his boxers with it. His cock emerged and sprung up and it was huge and magnificent. I let his pants on his legs so he was further restricted in his movements and I kissed his body. As I move up again, I grind my body into his cock, making him gasp and moan. Coming up to his mouth I kiss him as I line up his cock with my pussy. I pull his hair as I bite his neck and slowly impale myself on his cock. I moan as he slowly fills me but and he starts moaning more and more. Filled with lust he starts thrusting himself up. I move up and tell him to lay still as I bite his neck harder. He winced and moaned as he laid still again. I started to ride him very slowly.

And then I woke up…

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Wicked Wednesday: Thinking about you

Your fingertips across my skin

Nothing to see, I can only hear

Your tender touch making me squirm

No place to squirm to, making me wet


Feeling your body next to mine

Longing to feel your lips on mine

Hearing you whisper in my ear

Holding me close


Imagining you being close to me

What that would be like

Held in a tight embrace

Like there is no tomorrow

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1+1+1= My first threesome

The three of us, next to the bed
Him kissing her, then me
Then me kissing her. Feeling her lips on mine

Hands wandering over bodies
Feeling a hand on my body, tracing my curves
The hand cupping my breast
Him taking off her top while I undo the buttons of his shirt

All of us getting rid of more clothes on the way
Pushing him on the bed, our boobs at face height

His lips sucking my nipples
Getting hard
Getting wet
Our bodies on to the bed
Biting and kissing his neck
She going down on him
Sucking his hard cock
Hand between my legs
Feeling my wetness
Knowing this will only the beginning
Of a night with a lot of fun
And making her come
My first time with three
Hungering for more


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My dirty fantasy

Note: This is my my most dirty fantasy, keep in mind it’s a fantasy and and anything without consent is illegal.

Walking through a dark alley, deep in the night. Just the sound of distant music and cars.
Suddenly I hear a sound behind me. I turn around…nothing.
I start walking again, a little faster this time.

Again a sound behind me, this time closer. I turn around again and this time there is a man behind me. Grabbing me. Putting his hand over my mouth. I slowly realize what is going on and before I know it, I am thrown in a van, gagged and restrained.
Nervously I try to get loose, wondering what will happen to me. The man in the back is wearing a mask and he puts a bag over my head as I try to take in his physique.
Soon the van stops and I get pulled out of the van and two men drag me inside a building.
They stop and push me over something that feels like a table. I feel my ankles getting tied to the table. A sharp object traces over my body and suddenly tears open my pants.
I struggle and try to yell as I feel my pants being cut away from my body, exposing me more and more. Next my panties go, I struggle more.

I feel that somebody is tying me up tighter, making sure I can’t get loose. My hands bound together in front of me, I feel knife on my skin. Cutting my shirt away. Exposing my naked skin.
I shiver as I feel a hand going over my body, tracing the curve of my ass. Spanking it suddenly. A sharp sting, the sensation barely over before another hits my other cheek.
I hear people around me, breathing, watching.
Suddenly the bag is pulled off my head and I blink at the sudden light. As my vision adjusts to the light, I notice people around me. I notice all men around me. Naked and with masks on to hide their faces. Circled around me with their cocks awakening.

I feel something cold against my pussy, it starts vibrating. I gasp for air as I feel the vibrations going through my body. I can’t control myself anymore. Feeling my pussy getting wetter and wetter. Another slap on my cheeks. The weird sensation of pleasure mixed with pain and concern. I try to struggle but I am tied up tightly. I try to scream but the sound is muffled by the gag. I feel myself dripping wet now and a hand goes over my pussy. Spreading my wetness, a finger in my pussy. At this point I realize that it is hopeless to struggle, and that this is going to happen. I feel the vibrator go away and hear somebody stepping behind me.

A hard cock against my pussy, suddenly thrusting in hard. I yelp as the man starts fucking me roughly. Another man stands before me holding something in his hands.
‘Don’t make a sound bitch’ he says while he removes my gag and keeps my mouth open with his hand. I feel cold metal in my mouth and realize he is putting a spider gag in my mouth.
Before I know it he secured the spider gag and I am stuck with my mouth open.
A sudden spank on my ass makes me yelp again and to counter that the man puts his hard cock in my mouth. He grabs a hold of my hair and starts fucking my mouth.
Now I am fucked on both sides while laying helplessly on the table. I gag on his big cock but with the spider gag I can’t close my mouth.
Being fucked from both sides I can’t help to let out a repressed moan.

The guy behind me is slipping out of me after some hard fucking and I feel his warm sperm dripping on my ass and back. I hear him stepping away and the guy that has been fucking my mouth slips out and steps behind me. His big cock slips in smoothly, filling me up all the way. His hands on my cheeks. The men around me are getting closer. One filling up my open mouth again.

Behind me spanking my cheeks, hard. One man after the other, using me. Abusing me.
Spanking me. Covering me with their sperm.
My pussy hurting from all the cocks, suddenly the man fucking me, slips out of me and I feel a cold liquid on my ass.
Knowing what will come I struggle, but I feel the tip of his cock pressing against my asshole. Suddenly with a hard push he goes in and I scream as my mouth is fucked.
He starts fucking my ass and I can feel it getting wider. While being fucked on two sides I feel somebody untying my legs and attaching a rope to my restrained wrists.

The cocks pull out and I feel the rope being pulled up, the table moved and two men touching me. One picks me up and the rope gets pulled up more and more.
The man in front of me enters me and starts fucking me. The other man fingers my other hole. Then pushing in his cock. Being taken on two sides.
Hard. Being fucked senseless by two guys, and after that more, and more.
When it stops, I’m being released on the floor.
One guy coming closer, taking off his mask.
I look at him and say: “I hoped it was you.”

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The stranger

His eyes, that is what caught my eye at first. When he turned his head and looked at me, a grin appeared. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but he had something about him.
I walked past him and walked up to the bar to order a drink. While I was waiting for my drink I saw some movement in the corner of my eye. I turned my head and he stood next to me.

“Hi” he simply said.
“Hello” I answered while I looked him in the eyes.
“What is a gorgeous lady like you doing here alone?”
“Who says I am alone?” I replied looking how he would react.
“I did” he said playfully while I got my drink handed by the bartender “You still didn’t answer the question though”
“That is true, but not all questions need an answer” I said while I slowly sipped my drink, looking at him “And what are you doing here?”

I saw in his eyes that he was thinking about what to answer carefully. I took another sip from my drink and carefully leaned in to the bar.
“I’m just looking for a little fun”
“Just a little?” I boldly asked him while I took another sip and carefully let my eyes glide over his body. He was dressed with care but still casual. He was wearing black pants, that were nice and tight on his ass. He was also wearing a nice shirt and over that a sexy black jacket. I could see that the question sparked his imagination and a small grin appeared.
“Well usually it starts with just a little, and it turns out to be more fun”
“And what kind of fun would that be?”

His grin got a little wider, he leaned in and whispered: “Any kind of fun you would like. Anything.”
Thinking of the possibilities, I felt my heartbeat go up. My mind was barely thinking about the possibilities and I felt myself getting wetter already. There was something about him that made me horny, very very horny. My curiosity got even bigger then that it already was.
I decided to pluck up the courage and whispered: “And why would I be interested in any kind of fun with you?
“Because you want to” he whispered and he moved back a little to look into my eyes.
His eyes were piercing right through me and this time I leaned in “And what do you have to offer?”
His grin got a little wider when I said that and he whispered: “Well there is only one way you can find out, just follow me.”

As he said that he turned around and walked towards the stairs leading down to the toilets.  For a split second I thought about it and when he went around the corner I decided to follow him. With every step I took, I felt my heart racing and my anticipation growing. Wondering what he had in mind, what he would do, made me crazy thinking about it. I found myself stepping down the steps a little quicker while all that raced through my mind. I found myself looking for him when I reached the bottom of the stairs. I took a few steps while I was looking around and suddenly I felt a hand that grabbed me and pulled me into the gents.

He had a strong grip on me and pressed me against the wall inside. I could feel his breath in my neck as I felt his hand going over my back. Slowly making his way down, over my butt, going towards the edge of my skirt. He stroked my thigh and slowly moved up again, pulling my skirt up.

You’ll find out more about what happens in part two 😉