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Wicked Wednesday: Jealousy

The prompt for this Wicked Wednesday is jealousy and of course this triggered me to write because it is a tricky thing and can easily be done wrong.

Jealousy is a tricky thing when it comes to relations and especially if you are a sex blogger. And especially if you are non monogamous.

And yes having a boyfriend with that makes it even more complicated.

With me and my boyfriend it took some time to get to the stage where we are now (and my boyfriend, also wrote a good post about how it came to be) and yes there always will be some jealousy.

The question is how you handle it. Acting like a child with an overgrown toy going ‘mine,’ is not the way to go. I think everyone can see how silly that is. I find it strange when I hear people overreact just because someone else is looking at their partner. I find it a compliment.

And it took a lot of communication back and forth and a lot of time but we are in a wonderful relationship that works for both of us without having to be “territorial” over each other.

I trust him, he trusts me. It is easy as that. Plus a lot of talking (I know, talking sounds boring but it’s fun and good!) Especially being apart for quite a long time, it really shows that I do need that daily dose of snuggles and affection. For me it is interesting because it taught me that it is the little things that you miss and that even affection from another person can be nice, but not the same.

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Wicked Wednesday: He went Dutch

I look around in your apartment
Bending over to look at things
Hoping you will stare at my ass
Maybe catch a glimpse of my underwear

Making out on the couch
Straddling you
Feeling you hard underneath me
Slowly getting naked
On the way to bed

Teasing you
Slowly tracing kisses down your body
Licking your cock
Before taking it into my mouth
Sucking hard
Feeling you throb in my mouth
And just before it comes
‘You are an animal’

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Wicked Wednesday: A kinky dream

So I had a sex dream. Oddly enough it’s only the second one I ever had and could remember. Yes I know, it’s shocking! And this one was quite naughty and definitely the most kinky as well. Waking up from it was quite a surprise and I was horny for the rest of the day (still am while writing this) The weird thing was though that I have no idea how my subconscious came up with the main subject of the dream: Jeroen Krabbé. For those who don’t know who that is here’s some pictures I found online to remind you.


Back in the day in one of the Bond movies

Back in the day in the Bond film ‘The Living Daylights’


Him now

Him now

So yes, and to be clear in my dream he was the now one, not the past one. Anyway I bet you are very curious about my dream. Yes older men can be sexy 😉 And because it’s a dream I obviously had to fill a few gaps in the story so it is a bit more coherent and sexy. I’m just glad I had one and remembered!
I had another man tied down, flat on his back, all naked. He is curious about kink and bondage and I am showing him what it is about. I’m sitting clothed on the other man and am teasing him while he is laying there helplessly. Jeroen is asking how I’m enjoying it and what I’m enjoying about it. I respond that I like to see and hear how people respond to me teasing them. I demonstrate it by grinding myself onto my victim and watch him squirm underneath me.
Looking at Jeroen I can see that he is getting excited and there is a bulge forming in his pants. Grinning I decide to tease him.
‘Getting excited are we?’ I say as I look him in the eyes and watch him blush.
Without thinking I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. He didn’t resist and kissed me back without thinking. Before I knew it I was pinning him down on the floor as I sat on top of him. I held his arms above his head as I softly bit his neck. I moved up towards his ear and whispered in his ear while I could feel his hard-on underneath me. I tied together his hands above his head and secured them tightly so he couldn’t undo them. I could see the look in his eyes change a little from lust and curiosity to a little bit of fear mixed into with it.
‘Just relax and enjoy’ I whispered in his ear as I stroked his hair and cheek. I slowly undid the buttons of his shirt and slid down to undo his pants. With a firm tug I pulled down his pants and his boxers with it. His cock emerged and sprung up and it was huge and magnificent. I let his pants on his legs so he was further restricted in his movements and I kissed his body. As I move up again, I grind my body into his cock, making him gasp and moan. Coming up to his mouth I kiss him as I line up his cock with my pussy. I pull his hair as I bite his neck and slowly impale myself on his cock. I moan as he slowly fills me but and he starts moaning more and more. Filled with lust he starts thrusting himself up. I move up and tell him to lay still as I bite his neck harder. He winced and moaned as he laid still again. I started to ride him very slowly.

And then I woke up…

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Wicked Wednesday: First session

He had send me a lovely message on Fetlife and being a sucker for long messages and care for attention (not to mention a person that actually shows in his message that he has read my profile) we started talking. He explained that he was looking for someone in the area to keep him ‘busy’ while away from his girlfriend. Of course this came with certain limitations but I saw no problems in that.
After meeting him in a cafe in person, we both thought it clicked quite good and even despite the limitations he had with what he could offer, I would certainly consider it interesting and fun to play with him.

Getting back to his place, we just talked a bit about things before we got to the spanking part. I showed him what I had brought along and was about to do to him.
I had brought my love bites gloves with the little spikes, my carpet beater, a blindfold and some other minor things. He at that point told me he had a surprise for me and I closed my eyes.
As I opened them, he had placed a crop in my hands. Definitely a good thing he thought of it, because I didn’t have that much to hit him with.

He changed into his briefs and he knelt before me as I sat comfortably on the sofa.
I told him to kiss my feet and he eagerly started kissing them. As he finished, he kept his eyes lowered and resumed his position again. I walked around him and teased him with the crop on his back. After a few strokes I told him to lean over the couch so I would have a better target and better access. He wasn’t familiar with the gloves yet so I also brought those out to play.

First I gave him a taste of the carpet beater, for being cheeky a couple of times. Cheeky is certainly something I will remember, especially if I later will have the opportunity to be in control of the other person. Sometimes I will react to cheekiness straight away and sometimes I will save it for later punishment. After the first strike, he said to me that the carpet beater was an evil vicious thing. Obviously that made me chuckle because I already knew that. Of course it is evil, that is why I love it. After giving plenty of strokes, I put on one of the love bites gloves. I started to trace my and up and down his back. Getting to his sides, he flinched and mad amusing sounds…. it seemed I found his ticklish spot.

‘I can’t believe you found my weak spot so quickly.’

I grinned and replied ‘Well that’s what I’m good at.’

‘Hold still’ I ordered him as I slowly scratched his sides. Despite his best efforts to hold still, he flinched.



‘That will happen again if you don’t hold still.’

‘I am trying really hard Miss, it tickles.’

‘I know’ I said as I grinned and moved to his other side. I kept repeating this and he eventually managed to hold quite still as I teased his sides with the glove.

‘Good boy’ I told him as I reversed my palm and stroked his back with the soft side of the gloves. After a little more spanking, I decided to give him the mercy he was begging for and stopped.

Next I demanded the massage he promised and I was looking forward to before. I blindfolded so he couldn’t see and I stripped down to my panties and laid down for my pampering. It was nice to be in capable hands while chatting and relaxing. After being pampered, we returned to the couch, I got dressed and he knelt in front of me again. I let him put his head on my lap as I warmed up from being almost naked. At some point he ended up over my knee, face down. I gave him another spanking with my hand and also let him experience that he had more ticklish spots than he thought. I really love the noises of someone responding to being tickled, very, very amusing.


Wicked Wednesday: Such a tease

Meeting him I knew he was all locked up for me and while we were in the car I let my hands wander to his crotch. Feeling the hard shell of his cage I started to tease him. Stroking his balls, softly and alternating with hard gropes. Looking at his face I can see him react and I grin.

After a drive with a lot of teasing we arrive at the movie festival and quickly make our way into the theatre. Sitting in the back on the end of the row I quickly start my teasing again when the movie starts. Making him gasp from my sudden touches I grin as he looks at me.

Getting back to his place, we soon make our way to the bed. He shows me some of his toys and of course I bring out mine. We undress each other and I tie him up to the bed and blindfold him. He has his cage still on so I start teasing him… a lot. Straddling him I grind myself against him, letting him hear and feel how wet I was. I stroke his balls and bite his nipples…  At this point his cage got very, very tight. Especially after licking his balls he was groaning with frustration.

I uncaged him  and his cock instantly grew from being released. I gave a few tender kisses and licks on this cock before continuing teasing him.

Getting myself a glass of water I teased him by dripping some cold drops on his body. Him flinching with every drop. I took some in my mouth and swallowed it right before taking his cock in my mouth. He gasped and after repeating the teasing a few times I laid down next to him. Softly stroking him I brought out the Love Bites gloves. Not seeing them come, he gasped at my first touch, sucking in air while squirming under my touch. Not being able to move much he strains in the restraints, trying to get away. Sucking on his nipples and using the gloves to tease his body. After teasing him for a while I laid down next to him and took off his blindfold. Just stroking his body I asked him if he wanted to be set free. Of course he wanted to be released, so I decide to tease him even more by giving him the keys to the locks on his wrist restraints. He was very confident that he could open them while restrained. Gravity however proved him wrong as he got the key in the lock but couldn’t turn it without the key falling out. Gravity is a true bitch. Don’t worry though, I did let him out…. eventually 😉


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Wicked Wednesday: Thinking about you

Your fingertips across my skin

Nothing to see, I can only hear

Your tender touch making me squirm

No place to squirm to, making me wet


Feeling your body next to mine

Longing to feel your lips on mine

Hearing you whisper in my ear

Holding me close


Imagining you being close to me

What that would be like

Held in a tight embrace

Like there is no tomorrow

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